Saudi Cleric’s supposed Fatwa

It was rumored that a Saudi cleric had issued a fatwa encouraging Syrian soldiers to have a mut’a, or ‘intercourse marriage’, with divorced or widowed Syrian girls or women from age 14. It has been discovered as a hoax, planted with political intentions.

I have taken down my initial blog post in response to this news, after verifying indeed that it was a hoax.

However, the reality of Mut’a, or sanctioned temporary marriages for ‘legal intercourse’, does exist and can be heavily abused. Religious clerics, from all religions, can issue decrees that heavily influence their followers, that are deeply injurious or profoundly inspiring. For those that are questionable, they deserve to be named and discussed, which I will continue to do in my writings and teachings.

Thank you for your support and concerned interest.

About Cyntha Gonzalez

Cyntha Gonzalez is a Human Relations Coach, Spontaneous Art Facilitator, Seminar Leader and Writer. She guides others to develop satisfying, emotionally intelligent intimate relationships. She is currently writing a book on her healing path of marrying and divorcing in the Sharia Muslim law. She lectures and teaches internationally. She is American born and has lived in the US, Latin America, Europe and now in the Middle East for the last 21 years. Cyntha has been also a guest blogger for For more info, go to
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1 Response to Saudi Cleric’s supposed Fatwa

  1. hsw1 says:

    Dear Cyntha,

    Well done for speaking out on this! How will you know if this post is read by Sheikh Arifi? Hope you don’t attract his and others wrath.

    My best ,


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